Corporate and M&A

Nordic Law is proud to cater for your business’ all daily judicial needs. This includes services in regard to corporate structures, risk management and management compensation-incentive solutions. We also have a vast experience of drafting various agreements needed in the daily business operations.

The expertise found at Nordic Law caters for clients from judicial matters relating to companies daily management all the way to the founding stages of a company where clients are offered planning and practical guidelines, which naturally include the actual founding and drafting of relating founding documentation of a company.

We also gladly provide corporate clients with board advisory services, which will guarantee that the corporate meetings proceed within the applicable legislative frame.

Nordic Law offers its M&A-services from the foundational stage until the integrational stage that succeeds the initial implementation. Nordic Law strives to, by making use if it’s wide professional network, to offer clients applicable commercial solutions that are cost-efficient. By contacting us we can ensure that in the case of a structural shift all economic and legal aspects will be taken into due consideration.

Nordic Law also offers assistance in compliance assignments where the client wants to ensure that it operates within the applicable legislative norms in a chosen sector, in order to safeguard continuous commercial operations. Within the same context, our staff will advise clients how best to develop risk management and a general compliance behavior overview.