Dispute Resolution & Financial Crimes

It is an unfortunate fact that companies encounter in their operational spheres disputes that tend to require judicial expertise and experience. The staff at Nordic Law service the needs of our clients in a cost-efficient manner in disputes arising in various corporate operations as well as in unfortunate hurdles that arise in private life.

The mantra of unconditional effort to find the most reasonable solutions for our clients naturally extends to the fine art of dispute resolution. The aim is always to find a settlement by negotiations or finding alternative channels to achieve dispute resolution. The main objective is as far as possible to mitigate disputes in a controlled setting. The use of courts or external arbitrators tends to decrease the control over the conditions for resolutions which is always highlighted to clients.

Whereas a settlement is deemed impossible due to extremely polarised positions with the parties involved, Nordic Law will assist and represent clients with decades of experience in general courts, administrative courts, other special courts and in arbitration proceedings.

Thanks to our vast experience in dispute resolution, we have also gained significant know-how regarding financial crimes entailing with good success the defense against criminal suspicions in regard to business operations, exercising of profession and concerning taxation.