When a company is having financial difficulties but is still able to continue doing business, it may be possible to reorganize the company through a reorganization process, where a specific reorganization plan is drafted for the company through which the company’s business and liability for debts is reorganized. If the company is able to fulfill the obligations set out in the reorganization plan, the company is relieved of the remainder of the debts to the creditors.

Based on our experience here at Nordic Law, we recommend that a company having financial difficulties find out as soon as possible whether or not it fulfills the requirements set out for entering into a reorganization process. This way the looming bankruptcy may yet be avoided.

We here at Nordic Law feel very strongly about helping companies in financial difficulties and hence we want to be there to support these companies on their road to reorganization. Nothing gives us more joy than to see hard work and a reorganization process pay off since our job is to use our expert knowledge to the benefit of the client. This is especially true in the reorganization processes.

The cost of reorganization is always agreed on separately for each client.

In addition to the aforementioned, we offer the following productized services for companies:

Establishing the financial situation of a SME: EUR 1.500 (+ VAT 24%)
The reorganization application for a SME: EUR 4.000  (+ VAT 24%)