Internet, Technology & Data Protection

The field of IT and technology seems ever-growing, which means that business life might get quite hectic at times and hence assessing essential legal matters may be forgotten. By letting us worry about such legal issues, you can focus solely on running your business. Furthermore, it is important to note that the European legislation changes constantly and so it is also important for your company to receive expert legal help in order to fully take advantage of all the possibilities the digitalization has to offer. Bearing this in mind, we are able to assist you in questions relating to, for example, digital business development, IT related contracts, e-commerce and internet rights.

It is safe to say that most companies handle information about their customers in one way or another. Thus, it is extremely important that the data is gathered and handled legally, and in a way that the data can best be utilized for the purposes it is gathered. This is where we come into the picture. By using our services, you will not have to constantly worry about such legal matters as you let our expert lawyers optimize your company’s data protection. On the contrary, you will be free to run your daily business to its fullest potential knowing that your company’s data protection is under control.

Intellectual property rights also have an essential part in the business life of modern companies and hence protecting and defending trademarks, copyrights and designs is exceedingly important for many companies. On the flipside, intellectual property rights have also developed into complicated legal matters, which should be addressed with expert knowledge. Therefore, we offer the help for your company to best address the complicated intellectual property related matters.