Startups and Early-Stage Financing

We at Nordic Law fully understand that in the initial stages of a startup the pace is unforgiving and available resources might not cater for legal services. However, in order to establish a sustainable business, it is important to factor in a solid legal foundation. At Nordic Law we are adamant to offering startups a service that ensures that the legal pre-conditions are optimal from the get-go, which entails that the management can focus all resources upon the actual business.

Our staff offer multifaceted and continuous consulting that adapts to the evolving nature of a startup’s business model, and are available to provide assistance during the entire life cycle of the startup from formation, to raising capital and successfully exiting.

As a value promise, we offer startups fixed priced service packages, which are always tailored according to the need of the startup. The fixed priced service packages include agreed upon legal services from our staff designed for startups. We are also able to offer startups temporary pricing solutions that take into account the finite resources at the disposal of a startup in its foundational stage.