Terms of service for an application - quick and easy

Do you have an application or some kind software on the works or already running?

You are still missing the terms of service?

Fortunately help is close by!

We at Nordic Law will help you create tailored terms of use for your application quickly and easily. Below we have specified some themes connected to terms of use.

Terms of use?

Terms of use are the application’s most important legal instrument.

The terms of use determine rights and obligations of the service providers and users when using the application.

Offering an application without terms of service will lead to many risks to the service provider such as pronounced liability for damages, uncontrolled dispute resolution and unnecessary risks to the service provider’s IP-rights.

Data protection is also a crucial legal aspect of an application and besides the terms of use the data protection documents are one of the most important documents to providing an application.

With our help you can ensure that your data protection is appropriately handled.

What about data protection?

How can I get help?

As stated, we will gladly help you with the terms of use. You can contact us with the bot above or if you prefer more traditional methods, you can email us or call us.


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