Nordic Law accepts now bitcoin payments!

Nordic Law accepts now bitcoin payments!

As we are active with cross border assignments, we have received several inquiries from foreign clients regarding payments in form of bitcoins and whether we accept such payments. We have also for a long time assisted various domestic entities active within the virtual currency markets, whereby we have especially assisted in legal questions pertaining to tax issues. In that regard, we have had an opportunity to get acquainted with virtual currencies and the current legal environment regarding virtual currency, which unfortunately is quite inadequate.

Thereby we decided to take the bitcoin bull by its horns, whereby we have as of 1.10.2017 started to offer bitcoin payments as a payment alternative to our clients. In our view all relevant actors, including law firms, must adapt to the new business environments, wherein virtual currencies have a continuously growing significance.

Do not hesitate to contact us if the above mentioned was of interest! We offer comprehensive legal services adapted to the new business environments.

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