Exciting times at Nordic Law!

We are experiencing exciting times at Nordic Law! Not only is the wonderful Finnish summer ahead, but Nordic Law has also moved into fresh new office premises as of 1.4.2016. Our new office premises are located at Erottajankatu 5 A 6 and as the sharp-eyed reader may notice, we have only moved one staircase downward. The new and larger office premises enables us to further grow our core business, whereby we are also able to better serve our valued clients.

Nordic Law has also as a firm experienced a transfer to the next generation, whereby the qualified majority of Nordic Law has been transferred to the younger generation. The transfer to the next generation has been completed in March 2016, whereby Nordic Law is proud to officially announce the new partners Jon Hautamäki and Alexander Sundström. Both Jon and Alexander has been in the service of Nordic Law for several years – Jon since the year 2009 and Alexander since the year 2008. Thus we can easily state that the operational responsibility and development of Nordic Law has been handed over to competent and enthusiastic hands. Our founding partner Zacharias Sundström has as of the turn of the year gained the honourable position of Of Counsel, whereby Zacharias will according to need assist in assignments that require specialized knowledge.

The transfer to the next generation has given Nordic Law an excellent starting point to reorganize and further-develop the core business in the light of the on-going digitalization, which is a distinctive feature of the 2010 decade. Since the year 2014 Nordic Law has consciously started to focus more on startups as we see an enormous potential regarding the Finnish startup ecosystem. However, we have unfortunately noticed that the legal services, which currently are offered to startups, do not go hand-in-hand with the emerging Finnish startup scene and digitalization, whereby there has not been a single startup-orientated law firm prior to Nordic Law. This lack of a startup-orientated law firm is a clear defect of the Finnish legal market, which we at Nordic Law are striving to rectify. We have also during this spring started several interesting partnerships with various Finnish startup-players, whereby we are expecting a thrilling end of the year 2016!

In conclusion, we are going to have busy times ahead! Follow us in social media – you can find us both on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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