First steps of a startup company

At the early stages of a startup company the founders consider what legal services the company might need right now and in the future. Still a stable business needs a firm legal foundation. We can ensure that your company’s legal basis is in order while you can focus on improving your company and its business.
The most important parts of the legal basis are the start-up notification, the shareholder’s agreement and ensuring financing for the company as well as drafting employment contract.

Founding a company in Finland is not impossibly hard and it can be done electronically in the Business Information System (BIS). But if founding your own company feels difficult or you are not sure about all the documents you must deliver to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, we can gladly help you with founding a company.

Start-up notification

Shareholder’s agreement

In the shareholder’s agreement the shareholders agree on the rules of the company’s daily business activity, decision-making in the company, stock trading policies and distribution of profits among other things. It is also important that the agreement contains clauses on protecting and utilizing the company’s intellectual property, confidentiality as well as a vesting-clause if the company has investors.

You can read more about the shareholder’s agreement from our website (Part 1 and Part 2)

Growing a startup company requires significant funds which the founders might not have or cannot acquire from their friends or relatives. In that case the company needs outside financing which can be acquired for example from business angel, through crowdfunding or usually through an investment. has compiled a list of startup-investors in Finland.
But just finding an investor is not enough, because the company must assemble documentation for the investor. Our office can advise your company on assembling this documentation as well as offer help on drafting these documents.


Employment contracts

After founding the company and securing financing the company might have a need to hire its first employees. When hiring it is crucial that the employment contract has been drafted correctly, so that the company and the employees know their rights and obligations. This prevents many possible disputes in the future.


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