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Everybody has surely heard about the GDPR and knows that it is an EU-wide regulation on the protection of personal data.

Due to the GDPR, every company has an obligation to protect personal data, and thus, every company must adequately address data protection in their business activity.

We are here to help you achieve adequate level of data protection. By using our holistic data protection services you can rest easy knowing that your data protection is duly taken care of. 

To help you understand the need for adequate data protection even better, please see the Q and A below. The questions below are one of the most commonly asked questions we have faced in our daily work.

When is the GDPR applicable?

The GDPR applies when a person (natural or legal) processes personal data. All companies process personal data in one way or another, and thus, the GDPR applies to every company.

  • Drafting the data protection documentation properly and in accordance with the law
  • Carrying out the processing activities described in the data protection documentation
  • Indicating that the company complies with the data protection laws (not just the GDPR)
  • Regular evaluation of the adequacy of personal data processing activities

What are the main data protection requirements and obligations?

What actions does the GDPR require?

Requirements prescribed in the GDPR differ between companies. Firstly, it is important to find out if the company is only a controller or also a processor, because the data protection requirements between these two are different.

The amount and quality of the data protection obligations is ultimately determined by the company’s role (controller vs. processor), processing activities of personal data and the company’s size.

Contacting us for example. As we have comprehensive hands on experience of data protection and first class knowledge of data protection laws, we know how to help you create adequate data protection as well as implement the data protection into practice. We aim to ensure that your data protection practices and documentation are optimized in regards of regulations and your own business activity. We will gladly help you in every data protection matter, so please, do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I aim to ensure that my company complies with the GDPR?


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