Our mission is to help you and your company to succeed in your everyday business in an international environment with ever-changing legal requirements. We are a dynamic and trustworthy partner in your daily business as well as in dispute resolution and other fields of corporate law.

fields of expertise

Nordic Law has a strong expertise in data protection legislation and implementing data protection requirements into actual practices. Thus, we can help you ensure that your data protection documents and practices are legal and adequate. As a result, you will be free to run your daily business to its fullest potential while noticing that the increase in knowledge of data protection has advanced your business.

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Nordic Law has acted as an advisor in several wide-ranging assignments related to blockchain-technology and cryptocurrencies as well taken part in the upcoming legislation regarding crypocurrencies. Therefore we have grown to be one of the most trusted advisors regarding the legal aspects of implementing a Blockchain technology in business operations.

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Outsourced legal department offers entrepreneurs constant and cost-effective legal help for complying to the constantly developing legal obligations of the business world in situations, where hiring an in-house counsel with employer obligations isn’t financially feasible.

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In technology law, knowledge of technology itself is at least as important as knowledge of jurisprudence. Without a true understanding of the capabilities and suitability of certain solutions for a particular purpose, there can be no true understanding of the legal risks involved with said project.

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The enhanced role of case law in taxation makes it a very multifaceted and complex field of law. Based on our experience the constantly shifting legal environment can be very challenging for tax subjects to navigate as the case law makes the navigation of the tax system ever-increasingly harder. Unwanted consequences can be avoided by consulting our tax-advisors before acting. Consulting our tax-advisors will serve as an insurance for our clients.

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We at Nordic Law fully understand that the unforgiving pace of initial stages and lack of resources does not cater for legal services. However in order to establish a sustainable business, it is important to factor in a solid legal foundation. Companies with exceedingly fast growth rate are almost always bound to create legal debt.

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“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”

We provide our clients comprehensive, high-quality and cost-efficient legal services for a fixed price where applicable. We operate on all fields of corporate law even though we have a special focus on startups and growth companies.

After our free initial consultation, we provide each of our customers a suitable service package tailored for their specific needs. Our solutions range from a specific case to daily interactions with clients in relation to their everyday business.

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