Business law and M&A

We at Nordic Law fully understand that the unforgiving pace of initial stages and lack of resources does not cater for legal services. However in order to establish a sustainable business, it is important to factor in a solid legal foundation. Companies with exceedingly fast growth rate are almost always bound to create legal debt.

Here at Nordic Law we are adamant to offering startups a service that ensures that the legal pre-conditions are optimal from the get-go, which entails that the management can focus all resources upon the actual business.

Our staff offer continuous consulting to the company management that adapts to the evolving nature of your company’s s business and legal needs. We want to be a part of your core team during the entire life cycle of the company from formation, to raising capital as well as M&A all the way to the successful exit of the entrepreneurs.

Startups and Growth Companies

We cater to individual needs of our clients ranging from just a single innovator with an idea to already existing SMEs with new innovations and newfound desire to grow. Needs are different, but the aim remains the same: to create long-lasting solutions which stand the tests of time and do not backfire when unknown unknowns are encountered.

We offer various solutions to various needs including but not limited to setting up companies and applying for necessary IPRs, hiring and other employment related legal matters as well as shareholders’ agreements, assisting you with financial rounds as your advisor and other legal matters related to day-to-day operations of your company.

It’s good to have a lawyer at your first funding round at the latest. An investment with toxic conditions can render your company unfinanceable.


M&A stands for mergers and acquisitions. Whether you want to expand your business by acquiring your competitors or merging with them, or you wish to make an exit, it is recommendable to consult a lawyer since the opposing party’s counsel is prohibited from looking out for your interest in the matter.

We are very good at negotiating deals to our clients and are more than happy to act as your advisor and negotiate with you – or on your behalf – for the best possible outcome there is.

Corporate Advisory and Compliance

As a startup – since the unforgiving initial stages of a startup and lack of resources will not cater for legal services – you will build up legal debt. As an established growth company legal matters are not your daily business and will usually only be tended to when necessary.

Nordic Law offers bespoke corporate advisory and compliance services ranging from specific event-based needs to everyday business requirements so that our customers can focus on their business. “Before the elephant enters the room”, is our motto.


We are more than happy to meet with you, discuss your needs and offer you some solid advice.