Data protection, blockchain and other technology

We are Finland’s leading experts in data protection, blockchain and other assignments related to technology law.

Working on innovations and new business models is at the heart of our operations. You can safely hand over your matters concerning data protection, blockchain and other technology to our care. With our help, you ensure the lawfulness and sustainable development of your operations.

Data protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) made data protection a part of the everyday life for all companies, regardless of whether the company is newly established or has been operating in the market for years. However, understanding the data protection obligations under the GDPR often causes grey hair, as the exact content of the obligations is determined by the industry and size of the company.

We assist both listed and growth companies on a daily basis in identifying and enforcing data protection obligations. With our help, our clients can focus on conducting their core business without any worries, knowing that the fulfilment of their data protection obligations is in the hands of professionals.

If your company needs services related to the Data Protection Officer’s duties, we recommend that you check out our PrivacyBuddy service.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology has created unprecedented opportunities for the development of new services in the field of data transmission and storage. Blockchain has made it possible to build the world’s first decentralized and transparent database.

Blockchain technology, along with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are currently renewing traditional notions of how business can be conducted and how new services can be built.

To navigate in this evolving virtual environment, companies need the assistance of an experienced law partner to be able to meet the obligations inherent in blockchain technology and avoid legal risks effectively.

Our office has participated in the preparation of the Finnish Act on Virtual Currency Providers, assisted in several extensive assignments related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and authored a seminal work on the Finnish Act on Virtual Currency Providers published by the Finnish educational publisher Edita. As a result, we are Finland’s most experienced law firm in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

With our help, you ensure that your blockchain or cryptocurrency project is in the hands of Finland’s most experienced experts.

Other technology

In recent decades, the digitalisation and constant development of technology have created a new field of law called technology law, which includes intertwined fields such as IT, ICT, AI, IoT, ePrivacy, eGaming, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and other similar fields.

As our client base consists mainly of companies providing various technology services, the identification and implementation of legal obligations in the field of technology are our core competencies. When using our services, you can trust that matters related to your day-to-day business are in the hands of Finland’s most experienced experts.


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