Data Protection

As practically every business is affected by data protection, it is vital to understand that the importance of data protection will only continue to grow. Data protection ought to be seen as an integral part of doing any business.

Nordic Law has a strong expertise in data protection legislation and implementing data protection requirements into actual practices. Thus, we can help you ensure that your data protection documents and practices are legal and adequate. As a result, you will be free to run your daily business to its fullest potential while noticing that the increase in knowledge of data protection has advanced your business.

Modern data protection ought to not only enable business activities, but also enhance them. We will help you achieve both goals.

Data Protection Starter Package

The goal of our Data Protection Starter Package is to map out your current state of data protection. Once we have analyzed the results of the assessment, we are able to form an action plan for you to optimize your data protection.

We recommend that all our clients utilize our Data Protection Starter Package and the forming of an action plan as their first steps towards adequate data protection.

Data Protection Tailoring

The GDPR requires adequate data protection from the party processing personal data. According to the GDPR, the adequate level of data protection varies based on the size of the organization, data processing activities and the nature of personal data being processed. Thus, as the requirements for adequate data protection may vary largely depending on the special features of the organization, it is highly advisable to use data protection experts in the planning and execution of data protection.

By using our data protection tailoring, you can ensure that your organization’s data protection is adequate. We will make your data protection meet the requirements by taking into consideration the special features of your organization and data processing activities.

Data Protection Assistance

Data protection is more or less an essential part of all businesses. Thus, there are often several difficult data protection related questions looming in the air. We can help you to find answers to those questions so that you can carry out your business activities as efficiently as possible.

One goal of our data protection assistance is to help our clients understand that the purpose of data protection is to help rather than hinder their business activities. Once businesses have adequate understanding of data protection, they will be able to see their businesses full potential.

Data Protection Officer’s Support

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) may need external support in carrying out the demanding tasks of a DPO. We can provide DPOs the external support they need enabling DPOs to better manage their valuable time. We are a DPO’s trusted partner whenever it is required.

Data Protection Training

Businesses are required to process personal data with adequate care under the GDPR. This means that the persons who process personal data must be adequately aware and skilled in the legal processing of personal data.

Regular data protection training is one of the best ways to ensure that personal data is processed with adequate care and skill. We can train your staff in data protection so that you can ensure adequate processing of the personal data you are in charge of.


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