Fintech and compliance

Financial technology (i.e. Fintech) refers to financial technology solutions that enable new ways of making payments, transferring funds, applying for external financing, and investing money. The most common fintech operators are various funds, payment institutions, investment service providers, crowdfunding companies, and cryptocurrency providers.

We assist fintech operators in various industries on a daily basis, both in assessing the legal risks of the outlined fintech operations and in implementing the fintech operations already launched. We provide all the necessary legal services in the broadest sense of the word, beginning from the so-called Go-to-Market phase and all the way to the actual operation.

Our expertise and experience in fintech are all-encompassing, ensuring that you can lay your matter in the hands of the leading experts in Finland.

Authorisations and registrations

In Finland, operating in the financial markets is often regulated and subject to authorisation. It is almost always required to either apply for an authorisation or a registration.

Before starting the fintech authorisation application or registration process, the content of the obligations imposed by other fields of law than financial law, such as money laundering, contract, and consumer protection law, must also be considered. Thus, different application processes always require the coordination of the needs of many different legal areas.

As the success of the authorisation application and registration processes rely largely on experience based tacit knowledge, the most cost-effective solution is to use a law firm with industry-specified expertise.

The processes require close interaction with the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, meaning that properly implemented application processes will save both time and costs significantly. With our comprehensive experience and expertise, we ensure that you can start your own fintech project straightforwardly and cost-effectively.

AML obligations and other compliance

A fintech operator is required to carry out ongoing legal oversight including inter alia, the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as various notifications and reports. A granted fintech authorisation thus means an increasement in legal obligations.

In our day-to-day work, we assist fintech operators in various industries to meet the ongoing legal obligations so that our clients can focus on conducting their core business without any worries. Whether it is about general compliance or reporting, you can count on us to make sure that your authorised activity continuously meets the requirements following by law.

If your company needs services related to the Compliance Officer’s duties, we recommend that you check out our ComplianceBuddy service.