The enhanced role of case law in taxation and ever-changing tax legislation makes taxation a very multifaceted and complex field of law. This can create unexpected challenges for tax subjects. Unwanted consequences can be avoided by consulting our tax-advisors before acting. Consulting our tax-advisors will serve as an insurance for our clients.

Nordic Law’s tax-advisors are at your disposal during the whole lifecycle of your company, whereby our experts provide services starting from tax structuring of your daily business operations to possible tax inspections and tax disputes.

Our firm’s tax-advisors are here to assist you to identify at an early stage the tax critical elements of your business operations and to provide the legally sustainable and tax-efficient solutions based on the specific needs of your company.

Tax Structuring

Is your company planning a merger or an acquisition, a funding round or another similar transaction? Has your staff asked about an incentive scheme? In similar reorganization situations taxation is one of the essential key elements that should always be considered in order to avoid unpleasant tax-related surprises later.

As our firm’s focus is on corporate law, we have been involved in numerous of our clients’ reorganization situations. Based on our experience, our firm’s lawyers are able to assist your company by planning from the get-go a functional structure that also from a tax perspective is optimal. With the help of our lawyers, your company’s reorganization can be implemented tax efficiently and without unnecessary surprises.

Tax Advisory

Taxation is nowadays a highly relevant part of a growing company’s daily business operations. Essential tax aspects can be found in for example business agreements, the ownership structure of a company and in incentive schemes created for staff.

Our firm’s lawyers can assist your company with tax advisory services tailored specifically to your current needs. We assist your company with especially business agreements, employment and director agreements as well as incentive schemes for staff. With the help of our lawyers, your company’s daily business operations will not result in any tax-related surprises.

Tax Litigation and Tax Inspections

Taxation and business operations are becoming constantly more complicated, especially when a company is rapidly growing. Such development may result in either completely new tax-related situations without any clear answers or to situations, in which a certain business arrangement results in later tax issues.

Our firm’s lawyers are here to assist your company to plan future structures and transactions. If needed, we also assist with advance ruling processes regarding a proposed corporate structure or transaction. This kind of preemptive measures can result in considerable savings for companies as well as to give companies an insurance concerning the tax treatment.

We also have extensive experience regarding tax inspections, tax decisions and their subsequent appeals, as well as successful tax litigation from tax boards all the way to the Supreme Administrative Court.


We are more than happy to meet with you, discuss your needs and offer you some solid advice.