Digitalization and the constant development of technology has created a new legal field called technology law. Technology law can thereby be used as an umbrella term for legal questions relating to IT, ICT, AI, IoT, Fintech, ePrivacy, apps, cyber security, gaming industry, eGaming, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, IPR, robotics and other such areas.

As Nordic Law is on a daily basis active within the technology sector, our lawyers can successfully help you in all aspects concerning technology law.

Technology and Law

We are trustworthy legal experts concerning technology law, whereby we can assist our clients in a wide variety legal matters relating to technology. Regardless if your matter concerns the gaming industry, computer or mobile applications, IT, data protection or any other field of technology, do not hesitate to contact us. Our trusted lawyers are here to guide you through the technological jungle.

Technology and Contracts

As technology law is at the center of many contract negotiations and terms of use for e.g. applications and games, both the relevant technology as well as the legal aspects should be understood when drafting relevant legal documents. In these situations, it is highly advisable to seek help from legal experts within technology law.

As our experienced legal experts understand both relevant law and technology, we can safely assist you in safeguarding your rights and/or minimizing your risks in technology related contracts.

Cloud Services

Nowadays cloud services are a part of everyone’s life. As such, cloud services are at the center of technology law assignments. As your trustworthy legal expert, we would gladly assist you in all your legal questions concerning cloud services. With our help you can be assured that your cloud services are free from legal pitfalls.


Fintech, or financial technology, means technology that enables the use of new financing solutions, such as new ways of transferring funds, paying bills or applying for loans or funding.

New and disruptive fintech-solutions and services may also in light of current regulation require legal assessment concerning possible FSA authorization issues.

In such situations the significance of a seasoned expert is emphasized. We have successfully assisted our clients in various fintech projects and assignments concerning FSA authorisations. Thus, if you as well are in need of skilled legal help regarding your fintech project, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you succeed in your project.


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