Tax consultation from a modern law office

It is said that it is better to be a big client for a small office than a small client of a big office. In a smaller office the running costs are smaller, and the shackles of bureaucracy are lighter.

Nordic Law offers its customers legal professional services in various areas of business law.

We transform our knowledge to benefit our client

Our office that was founded as early as the 1970s has shaped to be an integral part of the history of Finnish law offices. We are extremely proud of our roots, strong and traditional expertise as well as the resulting silent knowledge we have gathered. With all this we have learned to recognise every client’s individual legal needs and ways to fulfil them.

Companies – that value individual and holistic services where the customer and their needs are the centre of our focus – will fell at home with us. Every assignment is handled by a proficient lawyer and a partner oversees the process. We only employ university students studying law as trainees. We also offer our services in Finnish and Swedish.

Questions? We are happy to meet with you!